Pennsylvania Firefighters Battle Truck Fire Near Residence

At 21:22 hours, on the 17th of July, William Penn Fire Co.(sta. 77), and Langhorne-Middletown Fire Company(sta. 21), of Middletown Township, Bucks County, Pa, where dispatched on Local Box- 21-7 to the 922 block of North Woodbourne Rd, for a truck fire.

Upon arrival of Asst. Chief 77(Brian Wert), and Batt. Chief 21-2( Robert Walters), they found a fully involved, older model, Ford Pick-up, about 5-7 ft from the residence. Engine 77 was the first in apparatus, and went into service with a 150 ft, 1 3/4 trash line.

Engine 21`s crew assisted Engine 77`s crew with popping the hood, and checking for any extension. Crews extinguished the blaze in about 5 minutes.

Crews also determined there was no extension into the residence. The Middletown Township Fire Marshall is investigating the blaze. All units where back in quarters at 21:45 hrs.