Cargo Aboard Ship Docked in Belgium Sparks Massive Blaze

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Port of Antwerp, Belgium -- Around 5 PM on Friday, July 16, 2004, a truck caught fire on a ship in the Port of Antwerp. The fire spread quickly through the ship which was loaded with vehicles and machines.

Fire Department Antwerp came to the scene, but due the risk of sinking the ship no attack was started. Instead, several heavy duty water monitors were placed on shore to cool down the ship.

Four fireboats were used to cool the other side of the ship. Around midnight, the fuel tanks caught fire and the ship was engulfed in flames.

During the night, several small explosions could be heard coming from the ship.

The following morning, most of the fire was extinguished by itself. Fire Department Antwerp will remain on the scene until the fire is completely extinguished. The fire is believed to burn for some days.

Fifty firefighters fought the blaze with apparatus: four fireboats, five heavy pumps, two monitors on trailer, and several normal monitors.