North Carolina Crews Perform Risky Extrication

North Carolina's Ranlo Fire and Rescue, Spencer Mountain Road VFD as well as GEMS were dispatched an auto accident.

Crews found an extended cab Chevy S-10 off the side of the road, down a hill and overturned onto its crushed roof.

The truck was on its roof with the top mashed all the way down to the doors in a V shape. Rescue crews were unsure of how many victims were trapped.

Baby shoes, a diaper bag and a woman's pocketbook were found near the truck. The driver was unsure where the woman was but there was no baby in the truck. A search was started for the woman. No one was found. Later, firefighters learned the woman was not with them.

The driver and passenger both were pinned in unable to move. The driver's head was pinned into a hole in the ground which the truck had made by the door. The passenger was pinned behind the seat, his head was pinned against a tree by the back of the cab.