Live Wires Hamper Maryland House Fire

On October 6, 2007 at 8:21 p.m. Wicomico County Central alerted Station 5 (Hebron), Station 9 (Mardela) and Station 74 (Delmar) for a structure fire on Lillian Street in Hebron, Maryland. Car 5 (Chief D. Beach) arrived on the scene and reported finding a 2-1/2 story single family dwelling well involved, with fire on the second floor as well as in the attic.

As the initial handlines were being operated and advanced, the crews had to deal with live arcing electric lines, until the power could be turned off. During the initial attack the engine crews found fire on all floors of the dwelling. Delmar's Engine 74-3, under the direction of Deputy Chief D. Scott, arrived and ran a line up and into the attic, knocking down the visible fire there as well as the remaining extension. Rescue 74 arrived and was also assigned to the attic, or Division 3, area. Due to Hebron's Tower 5 being out of service, a special call was made for truck from Station 14 (Sharptown). The crew of Truck 14 assisted with opening up the roof, checking extension and overhauling. Due to the unseasonable heat and humidity, one firefighter was transported to the Peninsula Regional Medical Center for heat exhaustion and dehydration.

While the assigned companies were at work, Station 12 (West Side) was transferred to Station 5. Engine Tanker 1202 was eventually special called to the scene before arriving at Station 5 and assisted with handlines and overhaul. Station 81 (Laurel, Delaware) transferred to Station 5 while Vienna (Dorchester County, Station 11) transferred to Station 9. After approximately one hour, and extensive overhaul, the fire was declared under control. Fire companies finally cleared the scene shortly after midnight.

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