D.C. Firefighters Respond to Car Rescue

A woman trying to beat the line at a Washington D.C. McDonalds drive-thru got a bit more than she bargained for, and so did firefighters who came to the rescue.

The driver, apparently tired of waiting at the fast food restaurant at 5948 Georgia Avenue N.W. , gunned her engine, causing the vehicle to jump the curb, crash thru a wrought iron fence, and careen over a retaining wall.

Firefighters arrived to find the vehicle facing nose down, two occupants still inside, with only a pole the car was leaning against preventing it from completely falling over.

Rescue Squad 2, assisted by other units on the rescue assignment, immediately stabilized the vehicle, and began the delicate task of safely removing the two victims. Both were than taken to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries.

Companies assigned to the September 17th incident included an engine, truck, heavy rescue, suppression battalion and special ops battalion chief, as well as an EMS contingent. The department PIO and video unit Car 100 also responded.