Maryland Firefighters Respond to Fiery Crash

On Aug. 30, firefighters from Prince Frederick, Md. and Benedict, Md. were called to a fiery three-vehicle crash.

Members of Rescue Squad 2 (from Prince Frederick), Rescue Engine 83-2 (from Benedict), Ambulance 83-8 (also from Benedict) and Ambulance 6-8 (from Huntingtown, Md.) responded.

Crews found one vehicle in the roadway and a tractor trailer on top of another car and on fire.

Crews from Rescue Squad 2 began knocking the fire down as other units were added to the run. Three engines, two squads and two tankers brought the fire under control in 15 minutes.

Investigation revealed that a 2002 Dodge Neon was stopped and preparing to make a left turn when it was rear-ended by a 2004 Toyota Corolla. The impact pushed the Dodge across the center lane, onto the other side of the highway.

At that time, a 1998 Mack tractor trailer pulling a load of sod ran over the Dodge, trapping it under the tractor trailer. The tractor trailer and the trapped Dodge slid into a gas station and struck a concrete island with three fuel pumps.

As both vehicles slid to a final rest, a fire erupted. The tractor trailer's driver was able to exit the truck before it was engulfed in flames.

However, firefighters were not able to reach the sole occupant of the trapped Dodge Neon.

Personnel from at least four departments responded to the accident.

Two fuel pumps which were damaged by the crash did not rupture, and no fuel from the destroyed pumps was spilled. The gas station's manager activated the emergency cut off for the pumps seconds after the crash.