D.C. Firefighters Rescue Cats from Blaze

Washington D.C. firefighters took part in a unique rescue after a house fire on Sept. 6.

First arriving firefighters found smoke coming from the two-story brick single family home.

When they made their way into the basement, they found a raging fire that threatened to spread to the upper floors. Through aggressive fire suppression, the blaze was contained quickly with minimal extension.

During the operation, members of Engine 24 located two Siamese cats in the basement. One was unconscious and struggling to breathe, the other was semi-conscious with labored respiration.

Both animals were removed from the basement where Fire & EMS personnel applied oxygen therapy. Both cats, three-year-old Nyla and two-year-old Joe, responded to the oxygen, were fully revived within 30 minutes and returned to their grateful owners.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation. There were no injuries to either civilians or firefighters.