Auto Crashes into Maryland House

On Aug, 10 at 10:39 p.m. the Allen Volunteer Fire Company (Station 15) was alerted to a motor vehicle accident at three possible locations along Allen Road or Eden Allen Road. The actual location was confirmed to be 14595 Allen Road, in Somerset County. While units were enroute the call was upgraded to an MVA with Rescue, with reports that the vehicle was inside a residence. This additional information resulted in the automatic mutual aid response of Rescue 16 (Salisbury Fire Department, Station 16). Considering the incident location, mutual aid agreement and the possible need for a second rescue apparatus a special call for Rescue 503 (Princess Anne Fire Company, Station 5) was made by Allen 2nd Assistant Chief L. Bynum (15-17) while enroute.

Upon the arrival of Engine Tanker 1503, the initial size-up reported a single vehicle on its roof and nearly completely embedded within the structure. The car had somehow become airborne, left the roadway, tore into a portion of the attic, entered a bedroom and had come to rest on top of a bed. Assistant Chief Bynum established "Incident Command" and assigned Lieutenant G. Costa (15-21) as "Interior Operations" to oversee patient extrication and packaging. With the arrival of Squad 15, Chief E. Moore (15-15) assumed the role of "Exterior Operations" and coordinated the stabilization of the vehicle through the use of box cribbing and high pressure airbags.

It was soon determined that the vehicle held a single occupant and that all members of the residence were accounted for. Despite the situation presented, the extrication of the vehicle's occupant was rather simple and completed in short order. Rescue 503 assisted with providing hose line protection and stabilization while Rescue 16 worked on utility control and other interior assignments. Crews from each responding company worked in unison to quickly remove the patient from the vehicle and structure. The Priority 1 patient was then transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center by Medic B-15 and the incident was placed under control at 11:15 p.m.

After assisting with the removal of the vehicle from the structure and providing a weather tight covering over the damaged exterior wall, units cleared the scene at 12:50 a.m.