Technical Rescue in Enfield, Connecticut

Crews in Enfield, Conn. responded to a local school to rescue a worker who had fallen from a roof.

Witnessed told the members of Ladder 21 of the Thompsonville Fire District that the man had been climbing a ladder from a lower roof to an upper roof. The ladder he was climbing somehow moved and the man fell about 15 feet, hitting his head on the wall on the way down. The man was unconscious and had several injuries.

Ladder 21's crew set up and went to the roof to assist with medical and packaging of the patient in a stokes basket. Firefighters from Rescue 6, from the Fire Departments of Enfield Special Operations Division, were requested to the scene to assist with rigging the rope system that would be used to lower the patient. He was then lowered from the approx. 40ft. roof to the awaiting EMS crew and then transported to Hartford Hospital with various serious injuries.