One Injured in New Jersey Crash

On Friday, July 27, a motorcyclist in Westville, N.J. lost control of his bike, striking a parked vehicle. Another cyclist was on board at the time of the crash. That person's right leg was trapped in the rear tire, wedged next to the frame.

Crews from several neighboring towns were called to the scene including Gloucester City BLS 557, West Deptford Squad 691 and UMH Life Support 1. Task force 7, a specialized group consisting of firefighters from Westville, Woodbury and National Park fire departments, also reported to the scene. Emergency personnel arrived to find the second cyclist lying on the ground conscious and alert, with his right leg trapped. The motorcycle was on the ground between two parked passenger vehicles. There was obvious damage to one of the vehicles. The motorcycle was leaking gasoline from the fuel tank.

Firefighters from Westville Rescue Co. 738 were the first on the scene. They split their crew for patient and vehicle stabilization, secured the fuel spill and set up the tools to start extrication with assistance from Woodbury Engine Co. 511. National Park Engine Co. 811 stretched a 1 3/4” bumper line from Rescue 738. Extrication was on going for about 20 minutes when medics from Life Support #1 advised command they request for Aero – Medical. Assistant Chief Farley requested an additional Engine Company from Deptford F.D. (E-921) to set up an L-Z about a quarter mile from the scene.

Extraction was complete in 32 minutes. The patients involved were driver of the motorcycle, who first refused treatment but later went to Underwood Hospital in Woodbury with minor injures. The bike's passenger was air lifted by South-Star to Cooper Trauma, Camden. That person sustained a fractured leg, broken femur and rotated pelvis.