Camden, New Jersey FFs Rescue Baby

With the temperature reaching the high 90's on June 19, 2007, Camden New Jersey fire fighters from Squad 7, Rescue 1 and Battalion 1 were dispatched to the 1500 block of Haddon Avenue in the South Camden section of the City for a rescue call. While responding fire radio gave an update that they received calls for a small baby that was locked in a car.

Squad 7 was first on location and reported that they did have a very young baby in a car seat and a frantic mother waiting for them in the parking lot across the street from Our Lady of Lourdes hospital. Luckily the engine was running and the air conditioner was on and the baby was fast asleep. Rescue 1 was arriving moments later and went quickly to work trying to gain access to the interior of the car. Squad 7 was working on the driver's side door and Rescue 1 was working the passenger side door while the mother looked on. Camden EMS stood by just incase.

In less than three minutes firefighter Orlando Torres had the passenger side door unlocked enabling the mother to check on the sleeping baby. The baby was o.k. and slept through the entire ordeal, leaving everyone happy.

Rescue 1's moto is lettered on the front of the their truck " No Job Too Tough".