Lightning Strikes Pennsylvania Buildings

Firefighters from the West Willow Fire Company returned to 366 Baumgardner Road in Pequea Township early Saturday morning when somebody saw smoke coming from the eves of a building located behind the residence that burned the night before.

Lightning had struck the dwelling around 9 p.m. and the roof caught fire. The second fire was also believed to be caused from the lightning strike. The building used to be a butchering business but is now only used for storage.

Units arrived to find heavy smoke coming from the roof.

The fire got in between the plaster ceiling and the roof and ran from the front to the rear of the structure. The building was approximately 120 feet by 70 feet.

Crews trenched the roof from front to back to prevent the fire from traveling the full width of the building. As they were cutting the trench, fire vented from the entire length of the opening. Crews were immediately evacuated from the roof.

Interior crews hooked the plaster and wire ceiling to expose the fire from below.

Once it was knocked, crews removed roofing to be sure the fire was extinguished. The fire was placed under control at 9 a.m.