Fire Destroys New York Bowling Center

At 11:45 p.m. on Nov. 30, Allegany County, N.Y. 911 toned Cuba Fire Department and Friendship Fire Department on automatic mutual aid to a structure fire at Echo Lanes Bowling in the town.

Cuba 50 (D.Clement) went responding and was advised by Cuba PD 502 that the rear of the building was fully involved. With this update, he requested tankers from Clarksville, Hinsdale and New Hudson.

First engine on scene, Cuba 1, set up in front of the 200'x300' commercial structure for attack and Cuba 9 was ordered second due to set up on the A-D corner and position the ladder for operation. With tankers arriving, portable ponds were used to supply the attack units with water as there were no hydrants in the immediate area.

Crews attempted interior attacks but were ordered out when they found that the fire had rapidly progressed into the open area of the roof. With the only option being exterior attack, Houghton ladder 9 was requested in and set up on the B side of the structure. With two ladders now in operation, an additional request was made from Cuba command for tankers from Angelica, Belfast, Belmont, Ischua, Lyndon, Portville, Rushford, and Westons Mills, along with the Cattaraugus County District 4 FAST team and Allegany County District 1 FAST Team.

Clarksville 7, Cuba7, and Portville 5 rung three hydrants in the village to establish water supply fill sites for the incoming army of tankers while Clarksville 4 and Hinsdale's engine setup at a creek 1/4 mile from scene to aid in the water supply to the aerials. With the ladder units dousing the majority of the fire and the roof fully collapsed, crews resumed advancing their hand lines around the building to start overhauling.

Oakley Sortore of Oakley Sortore Contracting brought in his excavator to aid in the overhaul and remove large steel beams and heating units to allow firefighters to access the rest of the fire. He also knocked down some of the block walls to gain better access to the area.

In all, 25 pieces of apparatus and over 100 firefighters from two counties battled the blaze for six hours before returning back in service. Cuba did not call back in till after 9 a.m. No injuries were reported and County Fire Investigators are still examining the scene for a cause.