Indiana Crews Battle Fire at Vacant House

On Nov, 29, the Lake Station Fire Department was dispatched to a reported house fire in the 2400 Block of Clay Street.

Lake Station Police and New Chicago Police arrived on scene and confirmed a working house fire at 2380 Cass which was Gary Indiana's jurisdiction.

Firefighters from Gary Engine 12 were first on scene. They determined the best way to attack the fire was to use the deck gun. As additional companies got on scene, handlines were deployed to make an interior attack. Two lines were stretched to attack the fire from the front and back. Crews from Engine 4 and Truck 1 assisted in the attack.

Members of Lake Station EMS were also requested to stand by at the fire scene in case of injuries sustained during the fire attack. Fire Investigators were requested to the scene, cause and origin had not yet been determined.

The house was damaged due to flooding in August 2008 and was slated for demolition, so it was unoccupied. Crews remained on scene for about an hour hitting hot spots. No one was injured at the fire scene.