Pennsylvania Agencies Perform Rescue

The afternoon of Saturday, Nov. 8, Stations 211 and 212 (Ross / West View EMS/Rescue, 312 Rescue 40 (R/WV EMS), 247 QRS (Berkeley Hills Fire Company), and Company 246 (Evergreen Fire Company) were dispatched to the rear of the Best Feed's Garden Center for a physical rescue. Reports were a female had fallen approximately 25 feet into the creek running behind the business. Ross PD and the Ross Township Fire Police also responded.

Upon the arrival of Squad 217-5, Supervisor Jeff Kelly (210 C-6) assumed the Babcock Command. He advised that he had one patient, conscious and alert over the hill on the side of the creek. Medics 214-7 and 214-1's crews began to establish an extrication plan.

Operations were divided into two sectors (Top-Side- 210-17(Medic Capuzzi), Bottom Side 210-18 (Medic Vardzell). Upon 312 Rescue 40 crews began to set up for a rope evolution. Medic Vardzell made his way to the female patient suffering multiple injuries.

Crews from 247 Squad, Rescue 40, and off- duty call back personnel made there way to her with the extrication and immobilization equipment. Crews of Medic 214-6 along with Engine 246 setting up a Z-System along with other duties that needed to be completed.

Upon patient immobilization, packaging began and the crew began to extricate the patient up the hill. She was transported via ambulance to Allegheny General Hospital and was evaluated for multiple injuries.

From initial patient contact to her being loaded into the awaiting ambulance for transport was approximately 39 minutes.

Remainder of the crew assisted in the clean up, and units returned into service shortly after.

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