New Jersey Firefighters Respond to Two-Alarm Blaze

On Nov. 2, Camden, N.J. firefighters were dispatched to 4th and Royden Streets in the South Camden section of the city for a building fire.

Captain Art Longo reported that he had a two-story store front, end of a row with heavy smoke showing. Battalion Chief Daryl Lewison reported that he was going to be using All Hands.

Flames were now breaking through the roof and endangering the exposure of an occupied dwelling.

A second alarm was quickly sounded. The fire was located at a one-time famous local bar during the Speak Easy Days. It has been vacant for sometime. Two ladder pipes were placed in service along with numerous hand lines. Firefighters entered the exposure dwelling and were able to stop the spread of the fire.

The dwelling received smoke damage. During this incident, two other dwelling fires were reported in the city, and were handled by the remaining Camden City companies and three area county companies.

It took firefighters almost an hour to control the bar fire. They remained on location for sometime overhauling. No injuries were reported.

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New Jersey Crews Respond to Two Alarm Blaze