Massachusetts Crews Free Trapped Victim

Around 2:00 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 16, Whitman firefighters responded to a motor vehicle crash on West Street at Washington Street. C-1, Chief Timothy Grenno, called off on-scene with a two-vehicle accident with one on its roof. Whitman A-1 and Rescue-1 also responded.

Bystanders were attempting to render aid to the driver who was still inside. Due to the vehicle being on its roof and the front doors jammed shut, firefighters needed to use the jaws-of-life. The rear passenger door was cut off to gain access to the patient.

While a firefighter/paramedic rendered aid through the driver's side window, other firefighters worked to gain access into the car. Once firefighters were able to access the patient, they decided to remove the patient through the rear door.

Numerous firefighters entered the vehicle to safely remove the patient on a long board. Personnel from Whitman Ambulance-1 conducted further assessment. Whitman Rescue-1 and Whitman Engine-2 were called to the scene for help with the extrication.

The patient was transported to the Brockton Hospital with three paramedics on-board.

The wreck occurred at a four-way intersection with a two-way stop. It has historically been a dangerous intersection.

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