Turmans Sawmill in Virgina Catches Fire

Sunday the 27th of May, around 5:00 PM the tones were set off for a Fire at Turmans Sawmill in the Carroll Industrial Park next to DLB Inc. And Duncans Collision Center , it was called in to 911 as flames showing from the road.

The HVFD arrived on the scene within minutes setting up the Ladder Truck to extend the ladder high enough over the fire to help keep the fire from spreading and allowing the ground crews to attack from the ground, Galax , Laurel Fork, and members from the Cana Volunteer Fire Departments also responded to the scene. HVFD members quickly laid out 1000 feet of 5 inch hose, 600 feet of 3 inch hose and 300 feet of 1 3/4 hose from five fire units and and one Class A Pumper, there were about thirty members working the blaze. Also Men power from DLB and Duncans Collision also helped in trying to save as much Lumber as they could.

While the Firemen kept water on the Forklifts and Men that were moving the stacks of Lumber away from the fire, they set up High Volumes of water flow on the buildings surrounding the fire. The fire was attacked for about two hours before getting it to a safe burn to allow it to burn itself out through the night.

A spokesman from Turmans Sawmill estimated the loss to be around 150,000 dollars but was very thankful it was contained to the one area. Also in the fire was a utility truck that was destroyed. The total man hours in this Fire was around 100 hours. The HVFD wants to extend there thanks to everyone that helped , and for Duncans Collision for opening up there shop for Emergency's if needed. No one was hurt in this fire and other than the Loss in the fire it was a very Hot Fire to fight.