Maryland Firefighters Drill on Chlorine Leak

On May 24, the Salisbury Fire Department, in conjunction with the city's Waste Water Treatment Plant, conducted a hazardous materials drill. The exercise entailed a one ton chlorine cylinder leak with personnel down. Initial rescue, emergency decontamination, product identification/mitigation, and the proper use of the Incident Command System were just some of the strategies to be addressed during the mock incident.

A safety briefing and assignments were issued prior to the start of the incident and the tactics were left to the various members of the responding units. Due to the on-going construction occurring at the WWTP, safety was of the utmost concern during the operation. The drill reaffirmed knowledge, skills, and abilities already attained by many members of the HAZMAT team as well as instilled some new KSA's for newer members.

Many members had not had the opportunity afforded by this type of training and the drill was successful in many ways. As with any exercise, deficiencies were observed and learning environments were quickly established. A critique of the event will follow, and all parties in attendance will be invited and welcome to attend.