Injured Fawn Helped by Florida Firefighters

Two firefighters assisted a four-legged patient near the Florida Bugaboo blaze.

Don Wilson, of Lake City Fire Department, and Jeff Balance of Columbia County Fire Department, were involved in the rescue.

"We were working a special operation on Fairview Road on Tuesday and we had a tender set up to supply a fleet of brush trucks," Wilson reported. "While sitting in tanker 42, waiting on units to return for water, she walked out in front of our truck.

"We got out and walked over to her and I called to her like a puppy and she came right up to me. She let me touch her at first, but when I went to pick her up she ran off a short distance. Jeff held her down as I scooped her up.

"Once she was in my arms she didn't fight us at all. It was like she was glad to have someone with her," Wilson said.

The fawn is about two weeks old. "One of her back hooves was hurt (bent over) and her front two were slightly burnt, but she should be recover," he said.

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers picked up the fawn and took her to a rehabilitation center.

"We named her Fairview Fawn," Wilson said. "Pretty cool -- but I'll never be able to hunt again."