Lansing, Mich. Firefighters Challenged by House Fire

Lansing firefighters got an early start to the work week when they received a report of a house fire at 6250 Gardenia on Monday, April 16 at approximately 7 a.m. First to arrive on the south side dead end street was Battalion 44, who reported a 1 1/2 story wood frame home with heavy smoke blowing across the street. Fire was visible coming from a basement window on the "D" side of the house.

Battalion Chief Sam Colegrove contacted the owner who advised everyone was out of the house, and the fire was in the basement.

Truck 44 took a position in front of the house while Engine 44 positioned behind it. The second due Engine 49 established a water supply from a fire hydrant, and laid 400 ft of LDH to Engine 44.

Crews entering for primary search and fire attack encountered heavy smoke and heat conditions with many obstacles. After several attempts from different sides of the house to attack the basement fire, crews were withdrawn when the floor on the first level became spongy and weak.

During the exterior attack, attempts were made through windows to enter the second floor. Firefighters encountered similar obstacles from storage and remodeling that prevented them.

The fire eventually worked up the "D" side wall to take control of the second floor and attic space.

Three firefighters received non-life threatening injuries. After the injuries occurred and the fire continued to spread through void spaces, Command called for two additional engines for more manpower.

A total of six engines, two trucks, one squad, two chiefs and three medic units were assigned to the run. Off-duty personnel were called back to man reserve apparatus to provide coverage as resources dwindled. The fire was reported out at 10:30 a.m. The fire marshal is investigating.