Asphyxiated Cat Resuscitated by Texas FFs

At 21:34 on April 13, 2007 the Keene, Texas Fire Department responded to a structure fire in the southeast edge of town. The first engine on found a doublewide mobile home with the west end totally involved. They were able to contain the fire to the west end of the house. However, heavy smoke damage was sustained to the whole house.

While the firefighters were still inside beginning their overhaul the Keene Fire Chief, Matt Gillian went inside to check progress and found a cat lying on the floor feebly using its paws around its mouth trying to get air. The Fire Marshall, Jake Hopps carried the cat outside to the engine and placed it on the ground. The cat was not moving and did not appear to be breathing.

The oxygen mask was placed over the cats mouth and Fire Marshalls worked for several minutes gently pumping oxygen into the cats lungs before the cat begin breathing again and started moving its front paws. The firefighters worked a good 15 minutes before they were able to take the cat to the Vets office.

The Alvarado, TX Fire Department provided mutual aid. The Red Cross assisted the family who did lose their dog in the fire.