Extrication on Powder Mill Rd. in Maryland

On Monday, February 19, 2007 at 11:27 a.m., Prince George's County Rescue Squad 14 (Berwyn Heights) was alerted to northbound I-95 at Powder Mill Road for the personal injury accident with reports of one overturned. While Rescue Squad 14 with 6 volunteers and Chief 14A (McCoy) were responding, Engine 102 (Laurel) reported on scene with the correct location of northbound I-95 at Sandy Spring Road and confirmed there was one trapped.

The units from Berwyn Heights arrived on scene and sized up the scene. What they found was a sport utility vehicle overturned with its roof resting on the guard rail. The squad men started extrication efforts by stabilizing the SUV. Due to the precarious position of the SUV, rescue struts were used in the rear of the car and two box cribs were constructed under the front of the car. After the car was stabilized sufficiently, both doors on the driver's side and the B-post were removed. Spreaders were then placed in the area of the driver’s side B-post to replace the support provided by the B-post which was removed. Finally, the A-post and roof, back to the B-post, were removed and the driver’s seat was reclined, creating vast access to the patient.

The patient was then removed from the vehicle on a backboard, packaged, and loaded into the awaiting Maryland State Police Trooper 8 for transport to a local trauma center.

Extrication was completed in less than 10 minutes upon the arrival of Rescue Squad 14. The units from Berwyn Heights were ready for service at 12:10 p.m.