Maryland Units Help Runaway Ferry

On Wednesday, Feb. 14, Wicomico Central alerted Stations 15 (Allen) and 16 (Salisbury) for a vessel that was in distress. Further information reported that the Wicomico County ferry that had broken its cable and was adrift with two passenger cars onboard. Allen launched Marine 15 and the duty crew from Salisbury launched Marine 1 to assist.

Upon arriving on location the vessel had made it to a pier that was a short distance away from the original location and all passengers were off the ferry. It was decided to work with the ferry operator to get the vessel back to its original location and to assist the ferry operator with replacing the cable that guides the ferry. Both Marine 15 and Marine 1 worked together despite the wind and the high tide to get the ferry back to its starting original point and to assist with the replacement of the cable. No one was injured and all vehicles were removed from the ferry without incident. All passengers were OK.

The units assisted in getting the ferry back to its original location.