Crews Respond to Deleware River Barge Fire

On Jan 23 2007 at approximately 2:30pm Salem Fire Dept. Station 6-4, for Marine 6 and Marine 18 from Lower Alloways Creek Fire & Rescue were dispatched for a Vessel reported fire showing Delaware River in the area of Oakwood Beach.

Elsinboro Fire Co. was dispatched for an emergency stanby on station and for the ambulance. PortPenn Vol. Fire Co. was on scene with two handlines in service upon arrival of Marine 6. The fire was on a barge equipped with a winch to pull dredge pipes onto a transport barge. The engine, winch and large acetylene bottles were well involved in fire.

PortPenn and Marine 6 extinguished the fire with two handlines and a master stream. The cause of the fire was unknown when Salem County units were released. There were no injuries to emergency or civilian personnel.

Units on scene included: PortPenn Vol Fire Co., Marine Unit; Salem Fire Dept., Marine 6; Lower Alloways Creek Fire & Rescue, Marine 18; Elsinboro Vol Fire Co., Squad 15; Delaware City Marine Police; US Coast Guard Seaplane; Delaware Div. of Fish & Game.