Dog Trapped Inside Wall in Texas

On January 18, 2007 at 10:00 am Watauga, Texas Firefighters responded to a call for assistance from the City's Animal Control Officer. Due to the limited amount of information supplied by the Animal Control Officer an assignment consisting of Engine-311, Medic-318, and C-310 was dispatched.

C-310 arrived first and his size-up reported that an animal was trapped in the wall of a residence. An investigation revealed that a pitbull dog had attempted to escape the residence by pushing a vent for the clothes dryer from it's location between the interior and exterior wall. The dog then attempted to exit through the hole. The dog's head made it through to the exterior but the hole was too small for his body.

The dog became trapped with his head exposed to below freezing temperatures and freezing rain. Firefighters from Engine-311 used forcible entry hand-tools and removed several bricks from the exterior veneer wall. After expanding the wall the firefighters were able to push the dog back into the interior of the residence without injury. Firefighters plugged the hole with available materials, preventing another escape attempt.