Connecticut Crews Extricate Bus Driver After Interstate Collision With Garbage Truck

I-84 west bound between exits 17 and 16 were closed down to the break down lane only when a garbage removal truck and two buses collided in a chain reaction accident. The accident happened shortly after rush hour in the AM on I-84 west in Middlebury Ct.

The Middlebury fire department along with the Middlebury Ambulance responded to a report of a multi-car MVA. Upon their arrival they found a chain reaction accident involving 2 buses and a garbage carting truck. One bus which only contained the driver struck the rear of the garbage truck which struck the rear of the bus that was in front of the garbage truck. There was only a driver in the other bus. Campion units car 1, medic 1, car 5 were dispatched out of Waterbury as the paramedic units. The driver of the bus that struck the rear of the garbage removal truck had to be extricated. Due to the heavy damage to the front of the bus it took 46 minutes for the patient to be removed.

ALS care was being provided to the patient as Middlebury firefighters did an excellent job extracting the patient. The patient was extricated and transported to Waterbury Hospital with lower extremity injuries. The driver of the garbage removal truck was taken via ALS to St. Mary's hospital for evaluation and the driver in the bus in the front refused treatment.