Softball Center Fire in Katy, Texas

A popular long-standing recreational center in Katy, Texas burned to the ground early Tuesday morning. Early commuters called 911 to report a large structure fire on January 2, 2007 at approximately 4:27 am.

The first volunteer firefighters to arrive confirmed the popular softball center, Papa Blakley's, fully engulfed in flames. Because of the remote area and muddy terrain, an immediate mutual-aid request for a tanker truck was asked from neighboring fire department of Willowfork. There were no hydrants in close proximity and over a hundred feet of hose had to be stretched. It was a long and tedious task; not to mention the near freezing temperatures.

No other structures, except power poles and a possible propane tank, were in immediate threat. A handful of firefighters were able to douse out a few flames and smaller structures through the morning. An investigation is underway to try and determine the cause.