Clayton County, Ga. Crews Rescue Trapped Driver

Friday, December 22, 2006 Clayton County Fire Department's Medic 9 was dispatched to West bound Interstate 285 on-ramp to North bound interstate 75 in Clayton County Ga. to a report of an overturned pick-up truck. 911 Caller stated that the driver looked to be getting out of the truck.

On arrival Medic 9's crew found a red Ford Ranger that looked to have rolled 2 to 3 times laying on the driver side. The roof of the truck was almost smashed flat trapping the middle aged driver inside.

Medic 9 asked dispatch for an Engine and extrication unit. Engine 1 and Truck 1 responded with Battalion 1 and car 19 (EMS Supervisor) as well as Clayton County Police. While waiting for the other units to arrive medic 9 started an IV on the patient and placed him on high flow oxygen.

Engine 9 pulled a pre-connect on arrival and setup a tool staging area for the extraction equipment. Truck 1 arrived next and carried over there full complement of tools. Crews cut the roof off of the truck in about 12 to 15 minutes to free the driver. The patient was alert and orientated after excatration. Air transport was not available at the time of the call, so medic 9 transported to Grady Medical Center in Atlanta which is the areas level one trauma center.