Rochester Fire Dept. Responds to Amtrak Engine Fire

On the afternoon of Dec. 24th at 1430 hrs. the Rochester Fire Department was dispatched for a report of an Amtrak Engine on fire. The train was heading E/B for New York city and had six cars plus 1 engine & approx. 130 passengers on board. The original dispatch was Quint 4, Midi 4 and Batt. 3.

Within seconds of dispatch the 911 center received numerous calls reporting the same. The assignment was upgraded to a full structure response bringing Engine 12, Quint and Midi 9, Engine 17, Rescue 11 & the Deputy Chief.

Quint 4 arrived on scene with black smoke showing from the top of the engine. They started stretching lines toward the engine which was several hundred feet away. Crews redirected the rest of the assignment to a near by car dealership for closer access.

Engine 12 arrived there first and cut through a chain link fence along with members from Engine 17, Quint 9 and the Rescue; they cooled the engine down from the outside while the Chief consulted with the train's conductor & engineer. They then made entry into the rear of the engine and were able to knock down the fire in approx. 15 minutes.

No one was hurt but the engine had extensive damage to it and the passengers were put on busses to go to Albany, NY and continue their trip via train from there.