Crews Battled Raleigh Apartment Fire

RALEIGH - Crews battled a major working fire at Meredith Village Apartments off Lake Boone Trail early Wednesday afternoon. The call was dispatched at 2:02 p.m.

First-due Engine 14 spotted heavy smoke en route and found fire through the roof on arrival. Crews commenced an aggressive interior attack, with Engine 14 supplied by Engine 8.

A second alarm was struck within minutes by Battalion 3. Command was assumed by Car 5 upon arrival.

Ladder 16, operating reserve Ladder 110, was positioned on the northeast corner of the three-story building. The articulating platform was raised, but was not placed into use.

The fire was contained within 20 minutes and extinguished 45 minutes into the incident.

Additional companies were special called for manpower, with crews remaining on scene until late that evening. Barry's Cafe provided emergency food service for personnel.

Eighteen units were damaged and at least ten families were displaced. No injuries were reported, despite initial reports of subjects still inside.

The cause of the fire was believed to be a clogged flue from a first-floor water heater.

Units on scene included: E14, E8, E16, L16, R14, BC3, EMS 8 (first alarm), E9, E6, E17, L11, R7, BC4, Car 5, Air 5, Car 72, Car 3, Car 2, EMS 4, EMS 203, EMS 204 (second alarm), E1, E10, E27, L20, R19 (special called).