Sinking Yacht Prompts Allen Maryland Response

On the afternoon of Dec.6, the pilot of the diesel barge Tug Merrimac contacted the U.S. Coast Guard that his vessel had struck a piling and knocked a piling into the port bow of the 46' fishing yacht "Snoopy II" causing it to begin sinking.

Wicomico County Central alerted the Allen Fire Department (Station 15) to respond to the Quantico Wharf for the boat sinking and fuel leak. Additional information provided to responding units stated that the Snoopy II had approximately 350 gallons of diesel fuel onboard. Upon the arrival of Engine 1503 the initial sizeup reported a 52' yacht that was still docked and sinking with the bow under water. Allen 2nd Assistant Chief Layne Bynum (1517) established command and requested the Maryland Department of Emergency Management's Environmental Response Unit (EM.4), the Salisbury Fire Department's Special Operations Team for both a Marine Division response (Marine 16) and for the Maryland Department of Natural Resources Spill Response Trailer housed at Station 16.

As Marine 16 was underway, Command requested that as they approach to look for indications of fuel in the river. As Marine 16 was within approximately a quarter of a mile upstream from the scene the crew began to notice occasional debris from the sinking. Fire department personnel staffing Marine 15 (Allen) and Marine 16 checked both shorelines approximately 100 yards upstream from the accident site and found no indications of fuel having spread beyond the immediate area of the Snoopy II.

The crew of Utility 16, with the spill trailer assisted Allen personnel with deployment of a boom to contain fuel in this immediate area. A small amount of fuel was quickly contained, limiting any environmental impact. No injuries were reported during the incident.