Maryland Firefighters Contain Attached Garage Fire, Save Home

On May 26, 2004, the Hereford Volunteer Fire Company (Baltimore County, Maryland) was dispatched along with a first alarm fire box assignment which included BC1, E441, E442, Tanker Support 444, E451, Harford County E711, York County E581 and Tower 58, E494, and E431 for a reported attached garage fire, box area 44-31 at 19016 Hunt Pass Ct. While enroute, Engine 442 advised dispatch they had a large column of smoke from a few miles out and requested a Tanker Strike Team, which included Tanker 454, E392, Tanker Support 394, and E452.

Upon arrival of Engine 442, command was established by Fire Chief Lang who advised that they had an attached garage, fully involved, with extension into the attic of a large two story wood frame dwelling. Chief Lang then requested a "working fire" profile.

The crews of Engines 442 and 441 made an interior attack from the second floor into the attic. Upon arrival of Engine 451, a second line was pulled and taken inside. A third line was used to knock some of the fire on the exterior of the dwelling.

It took approximately 25 minutes for the fire to be placed under control.

Although the garage was a loss, the fire which spread to the attic of the dwelling was contained with only smoke and water damage to the rest of the home.

Crews remained on the scene for approximately two and a half hours. Upon investigation, it was determined that the fire was ignited by a lawn mower stored in the garage.

Units on location included:
E441, E442, B443, TSU444, SU448, E451, E452, TT454, York Co E581, York Co TOW58, E391, E392, TSU394, E17, M60, E494, AU478, ET431, Harford Co E711, 712 & 1012, Carroll Co E22, & Rehabs 153, 154, 155. Fill-ins were E473 to Co.44, York Co E61-1 to Co.45 and E292 to Co.39.