Train vs. Semi, a Michigan MVA

At or about 7:20 PM on Monday May 24th, during our monthly membership meeting, we suddenly had a power failure at the station. Shortly after that we were toned out for a "train vs. semi" accident on Windsor Hwy just west of Royston Road at the railroad crossing. The department responded with Engine 215, Squad 214, 2 command units, EMS unit 23B111 under command of Chief Jack Fox. While enroute to the scene Eaton Central Dispatch advised that the cab of the semi was on the east side of the train and the trailer (loaded with lumber) was on the west side. Additional units were also requested from our Medical Services, Fire and Police for traffic, crowd control, and rehab.

Upon arrival the EMS crew found the patient was trying to exit the cab of the truck, lying on its passenger side. Crews advised the driver to REMAIN in his truck do to the 100000+ volt lines and tower that were tangled around his truck. Consumers Energy was requested and they cut power to the primary lines. Due to possible hazmat conditions the Eaton County Hazmat Team was activated. The driver of the semi was transported, with minor injuries, to a local hospital. The Canadian National engine crew were also transported to the hospital for observation. Department personnel, under the command of Asst. Chief Don Buck, remained on scene for approx. 12 hours for cleanup and repair of downed lines.