FDNY Firefighters Battle Two Alarm Blaze

Shortly before 4PM on June 2, 2004, a 3 and 2 response was dispatched to 3152 Brighton 6th Street for smoke in the building. The Chief of the 43rd Battalion transmitted the 10-75 signal and reported they had a fire on the second floor of a 6 story H-type tenement. Companies stretched in but had a difficult time locating the seat of the fire. As smoke conditions on the upper floors worsened, the chief transmitted a second alarm. Shortly after the second alarm was transmitted, companies located the main body of fire and knocked it down.

The fire originated in a building at the very end of Brighton 6th Street, right up against Brighton Beach. The command post for this fire was set up on the Brighton Beach Boardwalk. Visitors went about their business on the boardwalk, occasionally interfering with operations. One business on the boardwalk was affected by the fire but patrons on either side were not phased and continued eating their meals. The fire was brought under control with no injuries reported.