3 Alarm Blaze in Newburgh, New York Warehouse

Every day in the City of Newburgh you can count on a number of "box alarms" ringing into the fire department dispatch center. Wednesday afternoon at approximately 1315 hours, a box rang in for the corner of Clinton Street and Liberty Street, which is on the north east side of the city. Today, this box was anything but routine.

Within the 30 seconds after the box toned in, fire dispatch radioed to all companies that the CAD system was now reporting a working structure fire at this location. A minute later the second alarm was sounded, and within 5 minutes the fire had escalated to a third alarm.

The fire was in a factory warehouse owned by the Active Ventilation Products Company, at 85 Clinton Street. The fire spread quickly, and a number of explosions were heard and felt from inside the building where this company had conducted business for more than 20 years. The owner, Stanley Colt, and his son, were reportedly inside when the blaze first broke out, and fortunately managed to escape the building and avoid injury.

Fire companies from the surrounding town responded in full force. The situation had created flames reaching over 80 feet into the air, and a bellow of smoke pouring skyward that was seen as far south as the Woodbury Commons.

There's not much that can be written which tells the story more than the pictures. The size of this structure, enormity of the blaze, the massive explosions, intense heat, and other dangerous hazards on the fireground all overshadowed what was otherwise a gorgeous fall afternoon the beautiful Hudson Valley.

Despite the incredible risks to their own lives, the brave and courageous actions' of the firefighters on hand speak in volumes of the tasks and duties firefighters willingly take to protect and serve. This community in the City of Newburgh can justifiably stand, salute, and give thanks that they are safe & guarded under the watch of Newburgh's Bravest.