Working Dwelling Fire in Whitpain Township, Pennsylvania

On November 9, 2006 Engine Companies 33, 61, 80 and Truck Companies 62 and 61 were dispatched to a report of a commercial auto shop fire. But, police found it was next to the auto shop in a two-story story dwelling. There was no report of any victims traped.

Truck 62 and Engine 33 arrived on location going in service with a cordinated fire attack. There was fire on two floors and in the basement as well. A quick knock of the fire was made. Command requested an additional two engines for man power, Engine 44 and Engine 83.

Preliminary investigation shows the fire started in a refrigerator on the first floor, and burned through the other two floors.

All units cleared in about two hours. The canteen service was brought to the scene, Station 41.

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