Fatal House Fire in Huntingtown, Maryland

On Halloween night at 2246 hours, the Huntingtown Volunteers were alerted 1st due along with Engine 151 (Navy Base), Company 2 (Prince Frederick), and Engine 12 (North Beach) to 2120 Stinnett Road for the house fire with two people trapped. Units from Huntingtown were: Chief 6B (Hayes), Engine 61 (Sgt Nasti), Engine 62 (Davis), Squad 6 (Lt Montgomery), Tanker 6 (Fitzgerald), Utility 6 (Cooper), Ambulance 68 (Inscoe, D), and Ambulance 69 (Wells, K). Engine 151 (Capt D'Intino) arrived on location and reported heavy fire showing. As Engine 151 was advancing their line through the front door, Engine 61 pulled a secondary line and entered through the rear. Upon entry, every room was well-involved with fire in the wood-frame rambler.

Immediately, Sgt Nasti located a female occupant underneath the bed in a rear bedroom. With the assistance of Lt Thrasher (aboard S-6), the two were able to remove the occupant out of the house. The patient was pulseless and not breathing. CPR was immediately begun by the two.

At the same time, Captain 15 (D'Intino) and a crew member from Engine 12 (Clark) located a 13 year old male in another bedroom. The two crew members along with the assistance of FF Dorsey (E-61 crew member) removed this victim to the front yard. FF Dorsey and a Medic began CPR on the male. During these two rescues, the crew from Engine 61, Engine 151, Engine 21 (pulled 3rd line) made outstanding progress on the fire extinguishing it in a matter of minutes. The crew from Engine 12 also assisted with extinguishment.

Units from Huntingtown remained on the scene until 0256 hours. All units did outstanding work in extinguishing the fire. **Due to the quick work, the female victim removed by Lt Thrasher and Sgt Nasti, regained her pulse and breathing on scene, and was transported to Calvert Memorial conscious. Sadly, the 13 year old male, was transported with CPR in progress but was pronounced upon arrival at the hospital. Another male victim was able to exit the house prior to our arrival and due to the severity of his burns was air-transported to MedStar. A Firefighter from Engine 151 (also member of Company 6) received 2nd degree burns to both wrists and his stomach and was transported to CMH.