Equine Rescue in Salisbury Marsh

On Saturday, October 29, crews from the Salisbury Fire Department (Station 16) were placed on a service call to the Pemberton Historical Park, for a horse that had fallen from a footbridge and into the mud. The Pemberton Historical Park is site to one of the first plantation homes in Wicomico County and boasts roughly 260 acres of forest, field and wetland.

The area is viewable by traversing the many trails covering a total of four and a half miles. Rescue 16 and Paramedic 16 arrived and hiked out to find a horse chest deep in mud and approximately four feet underneath a narrow boardwalk. Once the crews, along with Assistant Chiefs 1 and 2, devised plans for accessing and removing the horse, ropes and other equipment were brought in. A veterinarian was also called to the scene to assist with care of the horse.

While the horse was being somewhat secured, he was able to free himself slightly from the mud. Once assisted up onto some drier patches of the marsh, a special ATV utilized by Delmarva Power to access utilities in wetland areas to assist in removing the horse to drier ground for further evaluation.