Bypass Extrication in Maryland

At a little after midnight on Oct. 19, Salisbury Stations 2, 16 and Delmar Station 74, were dispatched to a motor vehicle accident with entrapment on the east bound side of the Salisbury Bypass prior to the Northwood Drive exit. Salisbury Deputy Chief 2 (Gordy), Assistant Chief 1 (Hastings), Paramedic 16 and Engine 210 arrived simultaneously and found a two vehicle head on collision with several patients trapped.

The crew of Paramedic 16 initiated patient care on a pediatric Priority 1 trauma in the conversion van while the crew of Engine 210 stretched two hand lines for scene protection, began patient care, and extricated the one patient that was trapped in the second vehicle, a Jeep Cherokee. Rescue 16 and Rescue 74 worked together to extricate three patients trapped in the van.

As EMS units arrived, they were utilized for patient care and transport. A total of seven patients were transported to Peninsula Regional Medical Center. The pediatric trauma was taken Children's National Medical Center for life threatening injuries. Emergency management was also requested to respond due to the number of patients. Parsonsburg Ambulance B6 transferred to Salisbury Station 1 for stand by and Salisbury Air-Light 2 responded to the scene to assist MSP with lighting for reconstruction of the accident scene.

The Maryland State Police detected a strong odor of alcohol on the driver of the Jeep Cherokee and the investigation is underway.