The Byron Illinois Fire Dept. Received a 911 for a Garage Fire

October 8, 2006 at 0200, The Byron Illinois Fire Dept. received a 911 call of a fully involved garage fire with additional fire spreading to the roof of the house. All occupants were reported to be out of the house. First arriving unit (E-401) was on the scene within 6 minutes of the initial call.

They found the attached garage fully involved with heavy fire impinging on the home itself. 2 vehicles were in the garage and were both leaking fuel. (2) Inch and three quarter handlines and (1) two and a half hand line were pulled immediatley. Interior crew made entry through the front door and found light smoke and decent visibility. They made their way the the inside entrance to the garage where they encontered heavy fire and began their attack from that point.

The outside team went to the "D side with a 2 1/2 handline to cut-off the further spread of fire. The next arriving unit (Tower 454) was set up and a master stream was used to help cut off the fire before it could spread into the main house. Fire was extinguished in approx 45 minutes and crews were on the scene for approx 3 hrs. Only the Master bedroom of the house sustained any damage which was minimal.