Iowa Firefighters Rescue Fall Victim

Pleasant Hill, Iowa firefighters were called when a worker fell about 10 - 12 feet into a concrete pit.

The worker was loading sheet metal into machinery when he lost his balance and fell. The pit, measuring about 36" wide x 16" long and 12' deep, is used to reverse bend the sheet metal when it is unrolled from the large spools it is in for shipping. The straightened metal is then feed into machinery that cuts and stamps it into the needed lengths and shapes. The business makes running boards, tool boxes, and other items for trucks and SUVs.

The injured worker was complaining of lower back and tail bone pain. He was first placed on a backboard with restraints, then loaded into a Stokes basket. With the help of coworkers using an overhead crane, the injured worked was lifted from the bottom of the pit. He was transported to a local hospital.

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