Two Dogs Saved from Raging Virginia Fire

The tones sounded a box alarm signaling a working structure fire on Sept. 19 in Richmond. The fire was spreading rapidly.

Responding to the 800 block of N. 35th St. were Quint 1, Quint 8, Truck 15, Quint 10, Rescue 1, and Battalion 1.

First on scene was Rescue 1, and Lt. Brian Dalrymple had command.

Dalrymple reported a two-story, wood frame, single-family dwelling with heavy fire visible on A side.

The crew of Quint 1 took the hydrant at the corner, laid in and initiated an aggressive fire attack. Exposures on B and D sides were beginning to catch fire.

Quint 1's crew fiercely battled the heavy fire conditions on the front porch.

Rescue 1 members forced entry and began a primary search of the first and second floor.

"Firefighter Michael Williams located a dog on the second floor and handed it over to other firefighters to render aid," said Lt. Michael Oprandy. "Williams then returned to the second floor, located a second dog and brought it out. The dogs were suffering from smoke inhalation, were unconscious and were revived by firefighters."

Special pet oxygen masks were used in the revival effort, Oprandy explained.

Quint 8's crew deployed secondary lines, while personnel off Quint 10 were RIT. Firefighters on Truck 15 were in charge of ventilation. The fire was quickly brought under control.

The cause is under investigation.