Illinois Crews Respond to House Fire

Fire crews were called out to 109 Mabee Street in East Peoria for a report of a house fire. Fire crews from two firehouses could see a cloud of smoke upon leaving their stations. East Peoria Firefighters arrived to find heavy fire erupting from the entire front of the two story house. A defensive attack was immediately deployed; downed power lines hampered the initial attack.

Both, Engine 4 and Engine 1 stretched out 2-1/2" and 1-3/4" handlines to attack the blaze. Later, Engine 4 had to use its deck gun once fire erupted through the roof. Engine 3 laid 500 feet of 5" to secure a water supply for Engine 1, while Engine 4 utilized a hydrant 100 feet from the truck.

Mutal aid companies were called in to back fill the stations and one mutual aid company was called to the scene. The residents were across the street visiting neighbors when the fire broke out. Bystanders described what sounded like fireworks going off inside the house prior to firefighters arrival. Resident stated he reloaded his own ammunition and gun powder was stored in a work room in the basement.

Fire melted off the siding of the next door neighbors house, although no extension was made into the residence. It took firefighters nearly thirty minutes to get the fire under control, due to the poor structural integrity of the house, interior operations were not attempted. Fire loss was estimated at $250,000.

The resident's kitten, Daisy, was also lost in the fire. Fire Investigators were called to the scene but a cause has not been determined.