Providence Firefighters Battle Powerful Blaze

At 23:45, Still Box 1445 Beacon Avenue and Frank Streets was transmitted for a reported fire at 9-11 Frank Street.

Engine Companies 9,3,13 Ladder 8, Tower 1, Special Hazards and Division 1 responded. Tower 1 reported a heavy smoke condition which was visible for miles as they left quarters.

At 23:47 Tower 1 arrived on scene and reported a "code red" with heavy smoke and fire from a 3 story vacant dwelling. Division 1 set up command and requested an additional engine and truck on arrival. Engine 10 (Safety) Ladder 5 (Fast) Engine 5, Air Supply and Rescue 4 filled in on the working fire assignment at 23:49. Engine 11 and Tower 2 were also dispatched on the special call.

An aggressive interior attack began with fire on all floors on side 2, threatening the exposure 2 building which is a similar vacant structure.

Engine 10 was put to work and Engine 11 became the safety company as heavy fire conditions extended and took possession of the cockloft and roof area.

Command evacuated the building at 00:09 as Tower 1 was put to work in a lot on side 4 with a elevated master stream, while Tower 2 set up in the rear side 2 of the exposure building and accessed side 3 of the fire building.

A defensive operation knocked down the heavy fire in about twenty minutes, companies then reentered to extinguish smaller pockets of fire and check for further extension. Ladder 8 remained positioned on side 1 and laddered floor 3 for a way of egress for members inside during overhaul operations.

The fire was held to the building of origin with no extension to exposure 2. Two firefighters were evaluated for minor injuries.

Units Responding

E.10 E.5
Air Supply/Rescue 4

E.11 Tower 2

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