Philadelphia Firefighter Battle 5-Alarmer

On Saturday, Aug. 2, a Tactical Box was transmitted in Philadelphia for a reported warehouse fire at Third and Cumberland Streets at 11:44 p.m.

Engine 2 arriving first, reported a 5 story warehouse with heavy fire conditions on the first and second floors.

Battalion 8 arrived and struck the second alarm for heavy fire conditions as fire was extending to the upper floors. The second alarm was transmitted 13 minutes after the first alarm companies arrived.

Companies secured water supplies and led off with master streams. Command reported companies were in operation with their heaviest water lines.

The thirds alarm was struck as fire was consuming the entire building. Companies surrounded the building with Ladder Pipes and 2 1/2 hose lines.

The fourth and fifth alarms were struck at the same time for additional pieces.

Multiple Engines were placed on ember patrol to protect the other buildings in the area. Crews gained access to rooftops to protect these buildings.

Deputy of Operations reported the warehouse was vacant and boarded at the time of the fire.

A total of 38 apparatus manned by 140 firefighters were called to the scene.

Ten properties were evacuated during the fire for fear of the fire spreading. Firefighters were able to confine the fire to the original fire building.

The fire was placed under control at 1:39 a.m..

No injuries were reported on the fire ground. The fire is under investigation.