Florida Fires Burn 3,500 Acres

Florida Gov. Charlie Crist said Tuesday it was "unconscionable" that someone would set the wildfires that have scorched the central portion of the state but promised harsh consequences if an arsonist is caught.

"That's why we have jail, To lock people like that up for a very long time," he said Tuesday afternoon.

For three days, the fires have flared up but most are now contained.

The wind started to pick up Tuesday evening turning to the NE winds could cause more outbreaks overnight. As of Tuesday the fires have caused estimated $4.2M damage in the City of Palm Bay. Also, 162 homes were damaged.

The fires have also burned 3,500 acres.

Palm Bay Mayor John Mazziotti offered a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone responsible for starting the fire.