Camden City, New Jersey Firefighters Extricate Man from Wreck

Camden Engine co 8 and Rescue Sq 1 were just going back in Service from a 3 Alarm School Fire in the North Camden section of the city.

A call came in for a Motor Vehicle Accident at 25th and Hayes Ave in the East camden section.

Capt Jim Ryan of Eng 8 was first on location and reported he had a one car accident.

The car was wrapped around a pole with the driver trapped.

It was determined that Rescue would be needed to go in service with their Jaws.

Camden EMS was on location and working on the trapped driver.

Capt Dave Dilks of Rescue 1 had his members go into service with the Jaws and remove the Roof and door of the car.

The driver was extricated from wreck, and taken to the hospital by Camden EMS and Police.

The Car was reported stolen by the police the night before.