Virginia Firefighter Recruits Tackle Live Burn Exercise

Secure the structure, stack the hay, light it up, stretch an attack line and aim the nozzle. Chesterfield Fire and EMS Career Recruit Class 38 went through the motions as they battled a structure fire-on purpose.

Training Battalion Chief Robert Avsec led his class through several training evolutions,changing their positions so they could experience numerous scenarios they could possibly face at a real structure fire.

Recruits were able to practice search and rescue, fire attack, manuevering through doorways with hoselines, SCBA use and ventlation.

The day was hot and recruits were rotated for rehab breaks.

A Chesterfield County resident donated the house and a wooden shed for the recruits benefit.

Camaraderie was the code, conquering the fire the mission. After a hard day's work, Recruit Class #38 was one step closer to the job they would perform as Chesterfield’s Bravest.