House Fire Tackled in South Carolina

A mid-morning fire in a residential two-story home posed a challenge to crews in  Burton, S.C.

The Burton Fire District received a call for a house fire at approximately 8:30 a.m. on Jan. 14.

Crews found heavy smoke and flames showing. Based upon the volume of fire and structural elements of the home an immediate request for additional resources was made.

Parris Island and Port Royal Fire Departments responded, along with Beaufort County EMS

Command was established and a 360 size up was conducted.

Command stated the fire was in the attic, the resident was out, and incident priorities were then formed.

Additional resources began arriving and a water supply was established, a Rapid Intervention Crew positioned along with an appointed safety officer, and an offensive fire attack begun.

Crews made entry to the second floor and initiated fire attack and the RIT team raised ground ladders to provide them a secondary means of egress.

Unknown to firefighters, the fire started in the chimney on the first floor and spread into the walls eventually showing itself in the attic.

The fire also began spreading downward into the crawl space under the home.

Multiple hand lines were deployed to complete extinguishment.

Fire damage was confined to the attic with some damage to the second and first floors as well. 

Incident REHAB was conducted by Beaufort County Emergency Medical Services and baseline vital signs were taken on all firefighters who were also monitored before being released to return to fire ground duties.

Burton’s Firefighter Assistance Support Team (F.A.S.T.) also responded to provide meals and REHAB items such as fruit and drinks.